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RealTimeQuery 2.0 press release

Adds customer support in your website.

RealTimeQuery is the perfect tool for offering online support to your customers. The program enables your users to contact you in real time while visiting your website.

Barcelona, Spain (Spanto Soft SL) January 15, 2006 – Spanto Soft SL, is pleased to announce the release of RealTimeQuery 2.0, a program for offering online support to your customers in your website. With RealTimeQuery your visitors can choose to contact you in real time while they are visiting your website.

RealTimeQuery acts as a server on your PC, it listens for connections from your website, opening a direct communication channel between you and your customers.

RealTimeQuery can be configured to accept connections from guest users, registered users or both.
The program can run in the background, accessible from the system tray and alerts you with sound and a popup window when a user calls you from your website.

The integration process in your website is easy, just few lines of code. It is possible to use several web interfaces in different pages of your website. RealTimeQuery shows you from which page your visitors connect to you.

The web interface is very small in size, less than 14 Kb, and it loads quickly on your visitors’ web browsers. The web interface is built in Flash, and this ensures that 98% of your visitors will not need to install any plugins to contact you.

RealTimeQuery lets you configure how the web interface looks, matching the rest of your website. You can select, in an easy to use configuration dialog box, the size, colors and font used by the web interface.

Each new connection opens a conversation window. You can handle multiple conversations at the same time, and all the conversation windows are integrated in the same application making them easy to handle. Also, you can organize the conversation windows in cascade, tile or distribute them freely.
The program includes a tab that shows the active connections and lets you switch from one conversation to another.

Its logs copy of all your conversations and its status window shows you other information such as the origin IP address of your visitors.

You can enable or disable your RealTimeQuery customer support system at the click of a button. The program includes an integrated FTP client that automatically uploads a JavaScript file to your web server enabling or disabling your online presence with total ease. When you are off-line your RealTimeQuery web interface simply disappears from your website or substituted by your contact form.

You can use RealTimeQuery from within any LAN. RealTimeQuery works with the most commonly used proxy protocols, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 and Proxy FTP.
RealTimeQuery works behind static or dinamic IP addresses.

RealTimeQuery works on Win98, WinXP and Win2000 operating systems.

Version 2.0 improvements:

- HTML generator. It writes for you the HTML code needed to add RealTimeQuery in your website.
- IP Blocker.
- WEB interfaces with multiple skins. Use different skins in different pages of your website.

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