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General NAT Configuration

A router is a device that interconnects two or more networks, usually a router interconnects a local area network to the Internet network.
Users outside your LAN can not connect directly to your PC, users from outside your LAN can connect to your router only. To solve this, your router must be configured to forward connections from outside your LAN to the PC where RealTimeQuery is running, this is called NAT configuration.

See your router's manual. Keywords to start are port forwarding, DMZ – Demilitarized Zone, Filters and Rules.

The following section contains a list of routers and how to configure NAT on them.
If your type of router is not listed have a look at the examples anyway as the configuration works quite similar among the different types of routers.
We recommend for more information, this is a very good source for setting up routers.

The examples listed below assumes your RealTimeQuery is using the port 7220 to listen for connections. If you are using other port change 7220 by your current one.

Routers List

  •   Lucent CellPipe 20A-GX-E

  •   Linksys BEFSR41

  •   U.S.Robotics Broadband Router (Model USR 8000-02)

  •   Barricade™ SMC7004VBR 4-Port 10/100Mbps Broadband Router

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