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Properties > General

This dialog able you to configure the most global aspects of RealTimeQuery:

Working mode
Select the way you wish to use the program.
If you use several RealTimeQuery programs, remember that you should define at least 1 SERVER.

Name and description
Enter your name and a short descriptive text.

Select your favorite language.

Simultaneus calls
Enter the maximun number of calls you wish to atend simultaneously.

Switch to offline
Switch to offline state when the system is inactive for more than X minutes. When RealTimeQuery detects inactivity in your computer (no keyboard, nor mouse activity) it disconnects from the RealTimeQuery server. If RealTimeQuery is configured as a server, it disconnects and changes your state in your website to offline.

Hang calls
Use this option to automatically hang incoming calls not answered after ringing for more than X seconds.

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